Photography creates illustrations for the book of your life.
It draws customers into your business.

Pictures have been the mainstay of our communication since we could grasp a stick and draw. To this day, mankind searches constantly for that perfect visual communication. Everybody connects with photography.

I've been shooting pictures since I was twelve and, as a teenager, would also sneak out with my fathers 8MM movie camera. In college, I studied theatrical scene design and stage lighting and, after that, I spent over five years in television production. These things laid the foundation for my ability capture light "just so" to tell your story. They shaped my world view and creative vision.

I work hard to take pictures for clients that have a lasting effect on them, their families or their customers - clear, concise, well-balanced shots that guide the eye a certain way for the most impact.

If I'm shooting a portrait, a senior picture, a family gathering or anything personal, my goal is to capture people faithfully and patiently, as their family and friends know them. I work to capture them in a way that tells a bit of their story. I describe it this way: "A snapshot captures a moment, but a portrait captures the times." A portrait is a handsome, professional record of your life in the year. It's created with care to show you in your best light, not bleary-eyed and frowning at a party. If it's an event, I work patiently to capture folks at their best and keep shooting until I do. I think my gallery shows this well. 

For instance, if I'm shooting engagement shots, a studio is too sterile. They are two people whose stories are soon to become one. It's important to tell a bit about the journey that got them there. Where did they meet and how? Where was their first date? Their first dance? Their first kiss? Where did he propose?

In the end, the story of the romance is what we pass on. Weddings are important, but the story of a couple's romance is much larger. To me, it's just as important as the pictures of their wedding - it's how they got to the altar.

When I shoot for a business client, my job is to create a visual megaphone. My client's current graphic design, advertisements and other visual communications guide my work to ensure that my pictures (or video) amplify their message. My job is to create an image their customers feel compelled to look at, and that lets them know just who it is they're doing business with.

These galleries contain some of my favorite shots. Some are for clients, some are for me. Some are technically or artistically noteworthy, and others are here simply because I like them. I hope you do, too.

Whether it's a wedding or engagement, architectural shots, senior pictures, an event, whatever, I'll deliver results that are sure to delight you. Please call me for a shoot. I'd love to create some unforgettable images for you, too.

I'm ready to help you. All I need is to hear from you,and here's the form you need:

There are more photos on the Frank Communications Fan Page.

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